THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE THING Yes Monster Fans, it’s that time of the year again. Time to hunker down in front of your electric heater or throw another log on the fire. winter time IS COMING in a majority of the English speaking world. That means ankle deep snow, freezing cold and winter jackets. But for a monster fan, the freezing cold background of winter has always been a great back drop for a horror movie. And plenty of them come to mind. From silent night, deadly night, 30 days of night, The Snow Beast (which by the way had an all star cast of Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux and Clint Walker) and of course our all time classic favorite Sci-fi movie 17 “THE THING” (From another world). “THE THING” (From Another World)was the quintessential sci-fi / monster movies which captured the fears of the atomic age, UFO’s and monsters made from vegetable matter. A quick synopsis; A group of arctic scientists and military types find a UFO buried under the arctic ice sheet. Not knowing to leave well enough alone, they use thermite grenades to uncover and release the alien occupant of the craft. Once the alien (not a mammal but more plant like… fear your garden!) runs amok throughout the arctic base in an attempt to plant (literally) new aliens to take over the planet.


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