Horror Host Deadgar Winter at Mightycon 2016


By Gene Stevens

Monsters after Midnight News!

November 22nd 2016

I had the great pleasure and the great honor to attend the Mightycon Comic Book convention at the American Serb Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The hall was filled with comic books, graphic novels and humongous piles of action figures! I thumbed my way through plenty of comic books and found an awesome copy of  “Edison’s Frankenstein” 1910 A graphic adaptation of the lost American Horror Classic by Yamar Bihun Wiebel Jr  (Comic Library International 2003 ISBN 1-929515-27-8) But the best part of my trip to Mightycon was meeting the famous Deadgar Winter and his exquisitely goulish  and beautiful assistants Celeste and Victoria .


deadgar1 deadgar2

Deadgar, Celeste and Victoria were awesome to give me their autographs!

Deadgar is a well known horror Host in the Milwaukee area and a huge fan of classic horror! I spoke to Deadgar and his assistants and the told me they they are planning on getting into the Chicago TV arena very soon, possible in the next couple of months. I asked them what the big Chicago enchilada, METV’s Svengoolie thought about Deadgar getting into the Chicago market? Deadgar said that he had spoke to Rich Koz (Svengoolie) and that there is an open invitation from Koz, but Deadgar made it clear that he did not want to step on the Goolie’s toes. With that said, there is indeed plenty of room for other horror hosts in the Chicago area. In the years to come it will be up to folks like Deadgar to pick up the horror hostt baton to carry the genre to new generations of classic monster fans, after all one day Freddy and Jason will one day be this generations classics!




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