Introducing Internet Horror host Bobby Gammonster

Pull your mauve colored easy chairs and pop some warm and buttery popcorn because the TV (internet) has a new Horror…. Host Bobby Gammonster. I asked Bobby to write his own story for the Monsters After Midnight Blog. You can find Bobby on facebook and at his website Bobby also is now feaured on ROKU.

Bobby Gammonster Host of Monster Movie Night
My name is Bobby Gammonster, I am now a Internet Horror Host of a show called Monster Movie NIght. The show is filmed in my very real home ,Gargoyle Manor-The Monster Museum, which I opened in 1988 to the public as a monster museum showcasing my now over 50 year collection of artifacts and memorabilia of monster,Halloween,Sci-Fi, Fanntasy and magick of fiction,fact and folklore genres. Our home has 10 rooms. Our bedroom consists of two large coffins for our beds. We drive for our family car a 1996 Caddy Hearse. My wife and I married on Oct 31 2003. We own and operate a small store called Gothic Charms that is next to our home /museum where we sell Halloween and Magickal items. I use my collection as “props” on my shows to accent the films I use from Public Domain files. I love monsters and live the lifestyle of the Munster and Addams family style monster. Yes our real and legal name is Gammonster. My side kick is Boris T . Buzzard (dont tell him ,but he is a puppet) that is mostly a silent partner with big attitude. I am also a ventriloquist, monster make-up artist and mask maker. I was once a party clown. My show can be seen on my website, http://www.monstermovienight, which my wife Melissa made and maintains for me, as she does computer website designs. My show is now in it’s 8th season and has over 150 episodes. I have had many guest horror hosts both new and older generations, such as Danvers of Demented Features , Vincent Grimmly of Night Chills theater to A.Ghastlee Ghoul,Dr. Paul BearerII and the famous Count Gore DeVol, just to name a few. I love being a Horror Host, the internet has made a child hood monster dream come true for me.

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