Horror on the Orient Express.. Well kinda By, Gene Stevens aka Son of Forry-A


I have been to my share of horror conventions, comic-cons and haunted house (some real and some for fun). But I never took a train ride dedicated to horror until I rode the Haunted Train in Edgerton Wisconsin.

Nestled in the hills around Edgerton Wisconsin is a small and fascinating narrow gauge railroad which occupies a rather big piece of farm property. The train covers what seems to be a couple hundred of acres of farm land. The train route was filled with gory scenes, zombies, monster legends, vampires and classic horror monsters.



According to the engineer, The engine is a converted  Henkel from Germany. Photo by the author.

It was a gloomy and rainy evening when we started our journey across the fall like Wisconsin terrain.  We started out in the their horror house which was filled with zombies and a bunch of  monster babies… Very creepy stuff indeed.


Monsters babies .. part of Horror train experience

The train had two types of cars, one enclosed and one which was open for any brave souls who might have wanted to mix it up with the monsters and zombies. There were many displays along the train tracks.


The entire train lasted about twenty minutes but I am glad we didn’t do it in the dark as certain wooded areas were very creepy in the evening gloom. Many of the urban legends were also present including bigfoot an my all time favorite “MOTH MAN”



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