Digging up old Monsters… From Reel Art Collectables in Berwyn Illinois

I’ll try not to give to much away about Reel-Art… It’s worth the visit to see on your own!
I knew I had found the holy grail of Monsters / Horror collectors dreams when I walked into Reel Art during their warehouse sale on December 3rd, which was the last day of their big sale.
Reel Art is located in Berwyn Illinois. And now I know why Svengoolie has kept the memory of the eclectic Chicago suburb alive. I had also run into Reel Art online via facebook and watched their posts with great interest.  I seen item after item, monster after monster and movie memorabilia galore scroll by on their page. I knew that the place must have been filled with other treasures. So I decided to get into my car and fo see for myself!  I departed my famous town of Volo Illinois, home of the Volo Auto Museum! And drove over an hour to get to Reel Art. As soon as I pulled up.. I walked to the windows of the store front and I was in awe of what I saw. Monsters, action figures, vintage toys and so much more.
You can still see my drool marks on the windows of Reel art!
Once inside.. I came to realize that the term “Warehouse Sale” was quite literal. In that behind the main store is a huge warehouse that serves as a stock room for the store front.
The storage space is at least twice as big as the actual store from where items are put on display for sale. The stock which visitors  were given access contains the best collection of pop-culture items that I’ve ever run into in one place. I am a very eclectic collector. I have collected vintage toys, space collectables, model trains, stamps, militaria, toy soldiers and Classic Monsters memorabilia/ figures which is my all time favorite.
Once I walked into the warehouse, I found myself deeply immersed old horror movie lobby cards and huge piles of old movie still photos. In fact there was so much to go through, it could have taken years to see every item.  I don’t want to spoil it for other monster fans or collectors. So I’ll just say that at least one trip to Reel Art would be worth the drive and if you can make the next warehouse sale, there were many good deals to be found. TONS OF GREAT TREASURE!
Reel Art Website
Reel Art
They are located at 1-708-288-7378 • 708-647-3244 (Store)
6727 W. STANLEY, BERWYN, IL 60402
11 am -7 pm • Wed-Sat
11am-5pm  • Sunday
Free Parking is available
Son of FORRY-A

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