Rondo Awards; The Results Are in


The results are in for the 17th round of the coveted Rondo Awards. The Rondo’s recognize those who contribute their blood sweat and tears (both literally and figuratively speaking) to the monster and horror genre. I’m very proud to say that several of my personal picks either won a Rondo or were in the runner ups.
From the Rondo website;
‘Hereditary’ and ‘Haunting of Hill House’ take top honors in the 17th Annual Rondo Awards
‘Night of Living Dead,’ ‘Outer Limits’ and Universal Monsters sweep Blu-Ray categories
Voters welcome back Fangoria; Joe Bob Briggs is named Monster Kid of the Year.
The winner of of the best horror host was Svengoolie (Rick Koz), another web based horror host and acquaintance Bobby Gammonster was given an honorable mention.  And my favorite Monsters Magazine, Scary Monsters was voted best Monster Mag! Well Done to all of the winners!


Gene Stevens Aka Son of Forry-A


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