FB_IMG_1561692963576They are big, scaly and have remarkably raspy voices. They also hang out on the top of old buildings.. Yes it’s the GARGOYLES!

Gargoyles is (was) a made for TV Monster movie that became a “kinda cult classic. ” Made in 1972, Gargoyles only appeared on television a handful of times. Gargoyles has been described as campy and dark (As in “filmed on a dark” movie set) and apparently failed to receive the good reviews. But considering that the fact that the 1970’s was the era of cheaply made movies. Gargoyles (at least in the Authors opinion) was a much better produced movie than most other made for TV movies of the day. And trust me …. There were some REAL stinkers.

But despite my preference for scaly Gargoyle like monsters.. Gargoyle’s failed to make IMDB list of top 50 Made for TV Horror/Suspense Movies… Is that possible?


From Rotten Tomatoes

Incorporating themes from horror films of both the ’50s and the ’70s, this suspenseful TV movie stars Cornel Wilde and Jennifer Salt as an archaeologist and his daughter, who discover a strange skull on display at a roadside tourist trap. After the museum owner is killed during an attack from an unseen foe, the pair are subsequently pursued across the American Southwest by a tribe of humanoid creatures that bear a striking resemblance to the gargoyles of myth, leading to a manic game of cat-and-mouse across the desert. This enjoyably spooky film essentially riffs on this one-note premise for over 70 minutes — sort of an inversion of Night of the Living Dead’s claustrophobic scenario — and fortunately comes off quite well thanks to superb use of the desert locations, an eerie score, uniformly good performances, and Emmy award-winning monster costumes from Stan Winston. A young Scott Glenn appears as a roguish biker who throws in with the good guys after taking a shine to the professor’s daughter.





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Vincent Price; House of Wax



Perhaps the greatest horror actor of his day. Vincent price starred in many horror films in both leading and supporting roles. House of Wax is a remarkably well done film on many levels and Price brought a significant presence to the big screen in every film that he was a part of.  It seems that every project that Price participated in turned out to be successful. There is no real surprise here because Price brought a very classy presence to the screen that no other actor seemed to possess.

House of Wax

This is especially true in the movie “House of Wax”.

House of Wax was released in  1953. It was filmed in stunning technicolor and presented very well on the big screen. The film was about a sculptor who was disfigured by a fire set by an unscrupulous business partner who burns down their wax museum in the efforts to collect  insurance money. Price’s character  Henry Jarod, repopulates his destroyed wax museum by killing people and using their wax-coated corpses as displays. House of Wax was the first color 3-D feature from a major American studio.

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In 1971, House of Wax was re-released to theaters across in 3-D, with a full advertising campaign. Newly-struck prints of the film in Chris Condo’s single-strip StereoVision 3-D format were used. Another major re-release occurred during the 3-D boom of the early 1980s.

In 2014, the film was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress, and was selected for preservation in the National film registry.




Godzilla Makes Life Magazine

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Slight spoiler alert.. A few photos attached. But I will refrain from saying much more, because this is an AWESOME ISSUE OF LIFE! And I’m not just saying that. This issue is a collectors grade item!

I was shopping in the local Hyvee food store here in Iowa when I suddenly discovered that Godzilla was on the front cover of LIFE Magazine.. I immediately stopped in my tracks and picked it up and began flipping through the pages.

I was stunned by the attention to detail and the great effort put into this issue of LIFE. My hat is off to LIFE Magazine. They did a great job in fairly covering our favorite KING OF MONSTERS.  The issue pays tribute to the BIG GUY going all the way back to the first Godzilla Movie and up until present day. Again… I won’t spoil it with too many details. Because I think the issue is worth owning. It was priced at $17.99. But well worth the money!


The front cover (above) is an immediate eye catcher!


LIFE Pays tribute to the early days…

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For those who love lobby cards.. This is the back page. WELL DONE!


A little humor added as the BIG GUY appears with the late Gilda Radner.. I found this VERY nostalgic as it took me back to a day when SNL was truly funny. I miss those days.


The inside back page (above) is covered with green GODZILLA SKIN!

Jays Cds and Hobby and TONS MORE


Visiting Jays Hobby and CD in Des Moines Iowa.

I had the awesome experience of visiting Jay’s hobby and CD’s today. Jay’s has three locations around DesMoines Iowa, Their business name is extremely misleading. After visiting two of their store I found Jay’s to be one of the greatest tributes to Pop Culture that I’ve ever seen in my life. Jays carries tons of Comics and comic related products, war hammer items, books, comics, figure, pop vinyl figures, monsters, Star Wars, and tons more! I found a funko invisible man figure for my collection there. And they also have TONs of CDs!

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Entertainment Earth

BIG NEWS! Scary Monsters Interviewed by Paradelphia Radio!


Listen in while Don and Vicki Smeraldi are interviewed by Paradelphia!

It’s safe to say we’ve never had a week like this! After surviving a 45 minute long, mid-show tornado warning (TAKE COVER NOW!) we welcome back Don & Vicki Smeraldi from Scary Monsters Magazine to discuss their award winning, ultra cool retro magazine about the classic horror & science fiction genre movies of yesteryear. Among the topics we touch on are the resurgence of the horror host (Thanks Joe Bob!), the role of women in genre movies, the genius of Ray Harryhausen, sea creatures and much more!

                                   Paradelhia Podcast



Plan 9 by 9 Pod cast






Jun 19, 2019

Derek M. Koch (Monster Kid Radio) and Scott Morris (Disney, Indiana) are joining forces to present Plan 9 by 9, a podcast breaking down Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space . . . nine minutes at a time! In this episode, Derek and Scott discuss the next nine minutes of the film with guest Dominique Lamssies.

House of Silent Graves –
The University of the Bizarre –

Special Thanks to our Criswell, Gooey Film’s Joshua Kennedy.

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