Best Classic Horror Actor of The Month John Carradine



CONGRATULATIONS To John Carradine. He was voted Monsters After Midnight Classic Horror Actor of The Month. John’s filmography stretched over sixty years!

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Monsters After Midnight News Letter



August 2019


Greetings monster kids.  2019 has spawned a lot of new stuff here at Monsters After Midnight. What started out as a blog that drew a few hundred visitors a year has progressed to having thousands of visitors in 2019. We were also added to the top 100 (#37)  horror blogs. This is because of the creativity and dedication of the staff here at Monsters After Midnight. Our ezine is created and edited by myself and my Chief Editor Vicki. We hope to continue to bring you interesting and diverse Monster kid worthy content.


Hello monster kids. I’d just like to say that Monsters After Midnight is a great place to work. The people are fantastic. I learn something new in every issue. Love the diversity. My favorite monster is Frankenstein’s monster. The monster is misunderstood and he has child like qualities. It brings out my maternal instincts.  My favorite movie is the Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. The most interesting aspect for me is the silver cane with the wolf and pentagram on it and the important part it plays in the Wolfman.


A big congratulations to Rich Koz (Svengoolie), on reaching a huge milestone. The Svengoolie show has been on the air for forty years. Svengoolie has been entertaining and introducing new generations to the classic horror and Sci-fi movie genre. Here’s to many more years of the Svengoolie show! Keep up the good work Rich!


We are looking for your photos and articles. Your article or photo would be credited to your name. Drop us a line to get the details.


The Rondo Awards are right around the corner. With only less than six months away, we are already thinking about all of the possibile Rondo Award winners. We will keep everyone posted about our own favorite picks. The awards are given to people who work in several different categories of the horror/ monster genre. Everyone from writers, film makers, artists, bloggers and webmasters are eligible to be nominated and/or voted for in the race for a Rondo! You can even nominate Monsters After Midnight if your heart so desires!



Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes By; Gene Stevens



The Hills Have Eyes was released in 1977. I originally saw the movie as a teenager when it was running at the Commodore Theater, located on Western Ave in Chicago. The movie rating system was still fairly new back then, and considering the fact that the owners of the Commodore only charged seventy five cents at the door, they generally didn’t really care about the rating system or the age of the customer. In fact, thanks to the Commodore’s lax policies (and I’m totally grateful) I got to see many other 70’s horror thrillers at the Commodore, including movies such as Don’t Look in The Basement, Last House on the Left, The Exorcist, Deranged AND of course The Hills Have Eyes.

The Hills Have Eyes is one of the movies that set the new norm in Hollywood. Produced by the famed late director Wes Craven, this new norm ratchet’s up open violence and fear on the big screen, by mixing  up a normal day with a normal family vacation. Then throwing in a vicious attack somewhere in the American Southwestern desert. The family is stalked and attacked by a group of back country feral people.

In the 1970’s a new type of recreational vehicle hit the market. This new vehicle was called a camping trailer. The camping trailer or camper was home away from home. And was just that. A home on wheels pulled by a car.  It had all the creature comforts that one might want. A kitchen, a refrigerator, a shower, three bedrooms and in the case of the Hill’s Have Eyes, the car and camper had the ability to travel to places where sheer terror awaited its unsuspecting passengers.

The story begins with a family who travels through the desert on their way to California… And go figure… They decide to drive into an out of the way part of the desert and crash their vehicle and camper. The vehicle break down leaves them vulnerable to the evil that lurks in the desert. They suddenly fall prey to a group of cannibalistic feral people who attack their small camp and start raping and killing  family members.  But after being overwhelmed by the attackers. The family fights back to save a child and to protect the remainder of their family.

The Hills Have Eyes is not for the faint of heart. And Wes Craven’s gritty style of film making brings out the dark side of human nature in all of his characters. The Hills Have Eyes reminds me of Sam Peckinpah’s Wild Bunch with its’s desert background and the intensity of his actors portrayal of their characters.  Though the movie refrains from serious violence and bloody scenes, and it leaves much of the inference of violence to the mind of the viewer. Which places the Hill’s Have Eyes very high on my list of classic horror.  I also liked the fact Craven empowered the victims in this script to fight back against the evil that assailed them in the desert.  This early example of Wes Cravens work is worth seeing and , who knows in the perhaps in the future, Wes Cravens work in the 1970s will be considered as important as Tod Browning’s movies from the 1930’s


Full Movie

Monstrous Humor

The following response was sent to one Ms. Hunter in reference to an unsolicited story sent to the Editor (Al Gingerich) of a science fiction magazine in 1978.

Original story was written by Glen M Bever and published in Isaac Azimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in 1978.


Dear Ms. Hunter; 

       I have some bad news for you in connection with your proposed screen play Son of Dracula Meets His Mummy It is not general knowledge, but after the birth of his twelfth daughter last year the Count had a certain piece of minor elective surgery done at a local clinic.

There ain’t gonna be any Son of Dracula!

Yours for ZPG

Al Gingerich



Inspired by Universal Monsters; Attack of the Cat People!

Attack of the Cat People ; By Gene Stevens

cat people

It’s great to be a monster movie writer. I get to meet the most interesting people online and in person.  So once again, there I was minding my own business on a dark street corner….  Just kidding I was online. When I got a message from a writer and producer with Black Cat Film Productions, Sarah Stephenson. She is from the land down under in Queensland Australia where Black Cat Film Productiond is located.  Sarah sent me a link to the trailer for Black Cat’s new indie film “Attack of The Cat People”.

 Cast and crew during the filming of Attack of The Cat People, Photo courtesy of Black Cat Studios.

At first I thought Attack of the Cat People was based upon RKOs noir movie “The Cat People”. But Sarah explained that it was actually an original film inspired by the Universal Studios early horror movies. Sarah told me that Attack of the Cat People was written and filmed to reflect the style of the old universal films. I immediately asked her if I could share Black Cat’s new project here. Check out the trailer posted here. It’s filmed in noir style and costuming appears to be well researched for the 1940’s.


June 27, 2019
This year Black Cat Film Productions is back and ready to work on their next film project. ‘For all those whom love old noir film plots and wish to relive the old days’ Sarah Stephenson says, ‘It will send you on a long journey into the past this film here’. Last year Black Cat Film Productions completed and released awarded winning web series called ‘Mia Morris’ Diary’. A modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. This year they’re creating a Universal Monster Classical tribute film called ‘Attack of the Cat People’. It’s about a group of Scientists discovered the remains of a Meteorite floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Little do they know they are not alone? Watch as our heroes try to escape their worst nightmare in ‘ATTACK OF THE CAT PEOPLE’.
We are looking for pledges to further fund us. If you wish to pledge money to assist in the funding of this production please use the link below.–2#/
We would be most grateful for your support. In return for you assisting us you will receive a Digital Download copy of our Film or an Autographed Poster.
All funds raised will go towards production costs, including necessary props andcostumes, food, post production materials and marketing such as posters &postcards. For all information on Black Cat Film Productions, including their previous work, links to their social media pages and members biographies, visit:
You can find out more about our film here:
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Black Cat Studio has also produced other films including Mia Morris’ Diary, which is based on Bram Stokers’ Dracula.

The Landlord of Carfax Abbey




This story is dedicated to Basil Grimsby.

The following envelope and letter contained therein was found along with the many estate items of the Landlord of Carfax Abbey. The late Lord Richard Ainsworth of Whitby, Yorkshire England.

The Author of this article  transcribed the letter published here.

monster letter

monster letter page

The Lanlord of Carfax Abbey
Date 01 October 1910

A Letter to Reginald Emsworth From Lord Richard Ainsworth. Whitby, Yorkshire England 1910.

Dear Reginald;
Many thanks for writing. I was bloody surprised to hear from you. I cherish the
memories of our time in Africa with the 24th a foot. God rest our commrades who
perished at Islawanda. I am indeed curious as to the interest of your London
brokerage in the land at Carfax Abbey. As you probably know, you are not the
first Land Agent or brokerage to show interest in the ancient abbey and the
land on which it sits. I believe it was 1897 when I was approached to sell
the old abbey by another London Land Agent. His name was Mr. Renfield. He
was an old friend of the family. His story is a sad one because he died
a few years back in an lunatic asylum. A death which I believe was a direct result of his
involvement with the sale of the abbey and its land to a man of royalty,
who’s origin is connected to an old warrior class from the Carpathian Mountains
of Transylvania. A Count, by the name of Dracula. He was a member of an old family
who were members of the Order of The Dragon. They fought against the Ottoman Turks.
I learned this from visiting Mr. Renfield in the asylum. He was a man of some repute.
Though when I last saw him alive, he was a raving lunatic.
He howled like an animal, ate cockroaches from floor of
his cell and raved on about his master. I do not exactly know
who his master was, but his master caused Renfield great fear.

Two years later I was approached by another Land Agent Jonathan Harker
who was a colleague of Mr. Renfield from the same brokerage. Harker was a good
business man. He is bloody honest. Mr.Harker was assigned by the brokerage to assume
Mr. Renfields role to finalize the sale of Carfax Abbey to the the Count in Transylvania.
Harker disappeared for nearly two years. But his client, the Count Dracula, arrived here by
ship. Rumor had it that most of the crew of this ship was missing or dead upon arrival.

I met the Count briefly as he arrived at the abbey and I watched as several crates
of his baggage were taken into the abbey. I only saw the Count at night time, and while
he was well mannered, well dressed and well spoken, I could not help but think he
starred at me in an odd romantic way. As if he wanted to take me to dinner.
I have a sixth sense about these things.

Things got bloody weird a few weeks after the arrival of the count at Carfax. I saw strange glowing lights
at night, heard the howl of wolves and even saw a large animal run down the road from here.
I found this quite odd, as wolves have not been seen in this place for many years, and
that hound that was terrorizing the Baskerville Manner thing was cleared up by a detective from London by the name
of Sherlock Holmes. I also heard rumors of small pets disappearing in the area. I spoke to a close neighbor,
Margaret Beckwith. As fond as I am of the old woman, and her fifty cats. I thought she was daft
when she told me that she was being stalked by a strange man who wore a black cape
and displayed his fangs to her at night time. I thought that her life of cats and cognac had finally
crept upon her.

Then late one night I saw a great commotion around the old abbey and I rushed out in my night clothes
with my trusty rifle. I saw a large fire, heard howling dogs, screaming women and several men running about carrying
hammers and wooden stakes. At first I thought it was a large barbeque. But I froze in my tracks when I saw a huge hairy
beast on two legs dashing towards me. I leveled my rifle at this devilish animal and pulled the trigger.
As the cloud of gun smoke cleared, I was shocked to realize that my Enfield rifle had no effect. Considering all of my past combat experiences in the battle of Islawanda and seeing Zulu warriors falling to the ground after being shot by rifle fire. I failed to understand what I was dealing with. I heard a loud noise of breaking sticks and saw two dark figures hot on the trail of the hairy beast. I thought I was done for, when I realized that one of these people was Jonathan Harker. He was in the company
of a strange old man who Harker quickly introduced as Dr.Van Helsing. He told me that it would be best if I went back to my home and locked all the doors and shutters and further… To smear the windows and door frames with garlic. I quickly
deduced that, one.. I had no garlic anywhere in the house, two that I wanted to believe that Harker was insane, and three, that I had no intention of going back to my house when so much excitement was a foot. I then decided to join Harker and Van Helsing in the pursuit of the hairy animal.

We searched for the hairy beast for several hours through a wood located around that abbey. During our search, Harker and Van Helsing
explained that the hairy beast, was an evil incarnation of the count from the Carpathians, Count Dracula. It seems that Count
was unfortunately a vampire who could change his appearence into more than one type of beast from a werewolfe to a bat, and that he had three wives who were also vampires. They hunted unsuspecting humans and small animals by night and slept in the abbey by day. By the sound of their living arrangments it reminded me a lot of my first wife, except that my wife slept during the day because of her liquor habit, and she sucked my bank account dry. All I had left after our divorce was four quarts of blood.. I was begining to wonder if the Count had it better than I did.

We searched for Dracula through the night. But it was obvious that he had elluded us and daylight was fast approaching. Harker explained that Dracula would need to return to Carfax abbey. This is because the huge crates of baggage that I mentioned in this letter were actually crates of soil from Transylvania. Soil in which Dracula and his three wives would sleep in during the day. As daylight broke we walked into the old ruins and located the crates. I watched as Van Helsing opened the crate in which Dracula had secreted himself and as he put the stake to his chest. I stopped him, saying “Excuse me Dr. Van Helsing… But is this necessary? I know that Dracula is a pain in the neck. And now he is exhausted from a long night and pretty dead on his feet. But a stake through the heart”? Van Helsing asked, do you have a better solution? I then said to him.. You know, he’s had the same three wives for four hundred years and they never took him to divorce court. In bewilderment Van Helsing slowly lowered the stake to his side and backed away. Later in the day, Harker and Van Helsing had the crates removed from the old abbey and I never saw either of them again.

Your Obedient Servant