Werewolf Terrorizes Alabama.. Fights Police!



Very early on Friday morning at 3:30am the 13th of September, under the light of full moon. Officers from a suburban town outside of Birmingham, Local police were called to an unknown disturbance at 1941 Vasaria Ln. Upon arrival responding Officers overheard a great commotion coming from the inside of the residence at that location. As Officers approached the property, the front door of the home was forced open with violent force and a large hairy bipedal animal with large sharp teeth charged towards the officers who attempted to subdue the creature. After several minutes of struggling with the creature, Officers deployed TASERS which proved to be ineffective. The creature then broke free and seriously injured one officer and then fled into the darkness. Officers searched the area until day break and could not locate the strange animal, which the officers described as a canine walking on two feet. Detectives returned to the residence the next day and located the owner of the residence, a 36 year old male named Larry Talbot. The resident had no knowledge of the beast and indicated that he did not own a dog or any other animal. The case is still under investigation.


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