Announcing The Winners of the First Annual Classic Monster’s Awards!


When I started Monsters After Midnight six years ago. I never realized how much fun it would be and where it would be today.  I’m proud of the Monsters After Midnight blog, which has become more of an online museum dedicated to classic horror and classic monsters. But no success happens without the help and support of other people. And that’s what Monsters After Midnight is about. We are about the collaborative arts. Many people have openly shared their thoughts, artwork, writing and podcasts with us, and we are deeply appreciative of their work. It’s with that spirit in mind that we proudly announce the first annual Classic Monster’s Award.

We decided to pick three winners this year. They come from three main categories of the arts in our genre. Those categories being;  Writing, artwork and multimedia podcasts. The main criteria that we decided upon, was that our nominees be independent creators of their work. People who create out of love and passion for their art and genre. So here are the very first winners;


Writer; Gary Castleberry


When we put out the first issues of Monsters After Midnight in magazine form. I met Gary on facebook.  He gave great moral support to our early projects. Gary was a monster kid at heart, a writer and a musician. Sadly, Gary passed away in 2015. But he was an awesome guy and we think about him often. The following is from his obituary;

Gary Castleberry, age 64, of Flower Mound, passed away Monday, February 16, 2015, in Lewisville. He was born October 2, 1950 in Denton County to Cecil Ford Castleberry and Thelma Josephine Pierce Castleberry. Gary married Lisa Waters on June 7, 1980 in Lewisville.
He is survived by his wife, Lisa; children, Carrie & Jeff Halcomb, Michael Castleberry, Tim Castleberry, Wendy & Bob Madrulli, and DelRonda & Richard Boyd; grandchildren, Nathaniel, Dylan, Cori, Hannah, Andrew, Maizy, and Grace and mother-in-law, LaJuan Duncan.
In spite of his illness, Gary found a creative outlet pursuing his childhood passion as a Monster Kid; doing model kits, sculpting, and writing for Living Dead Magazine. The internet afforded him the opportunity to meet so many amazing, wonderful, and new friends as well as keeping up with family and our far away folks.
Gary was a lover of life, his family, and friends. He had a lifelong affair with music. His last band, the Moondogs, was nominated for five Grammy awards. Although none of the nominations were received, losing out to people like Paul McCartney and Tom Petty was one of the Moondogs’ and Gary’s greatest accomplishments.
This wonderful man found a genuine passion in working with special needs students in Southlake Carroll until he was forced to retire due to his illness. He had forged some very endearing friendships. Gary even taught a self defense class for his students.
We are most humbled by such a generous outpouring of love and kindnesses. He did much to inspire and encourage others. Love conquers all. We are comforted by so many cherished memories and knowing he is in Heaven, with many loved ones.

Artist; Paul Spatola


Paul has been a tireless supporter of Monsters After Midnight. His creativity and passion for the characters of classic horror are truly special. He has shared his art with us freely, and his wonderful drawings appeared many times in our hard copy magazines and here online. His artwork has also found its way to the descendants of Lon Chaney Sr. and Lon Chaney Jr.  Paul was kind enough to grant Monsters After Midnight an interview We are proud to have Paul’s ongoing support. Our magazines and this blog would not be the same without Paul.

Podcaster; William Mize


William Mize produces an awesome podcast called “Bill Watches Movies“. His style is considerably different than other podcasts. His delivery of the subject matter, being B-Horror and sci-fi is very nostalgic and done in a melodic style of 1940’s narration. Bill Watches Movies and presents detailed cinema graphic descriptions of each movie that he reviews, which transports the listener into a realm of a three dimensional world. A world that he creates in the listeners mind by use of voice inflection, matching background music and sound effects. His award winning style is comparable to the best narrators of classic horror and sci-fi of history.

I’m proud to know and to have the support of these great artists of the classic horror genre!


-Editor Gene Stevens

– Chief content Editor Vicki Stevens


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