Letter To The Editor, From Tom Vernard!

Dear Monsters After Midnight

So I have a question out there for everyone. I was just watching the old movie called THEM! You know about the giant ants? And my question is this… what are small town police outwest doing with machine guns? And in their police cars? 

Also how did they just happen to have flamethrowers? And if they got them from the national guard … why would the national guard even give them flamethrowers?

Dear Tom,

GREAT QUESTION.. THEM..  Is one of my favorite giant bug movies. My first guess is that all the machine guns and flame throwers were just simply in the script. However, THEM was a post WWII movie. And lots of guys who had been fighting in Europe and the Pacific were now writers, actors and other film people. So what better way to do away with a monster than to unleash hell with a Tommy gun and a flame thrower. Personally… I would have chosen a pump shotgun. But hey that’s just me.

-The Editor


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