Is Invisible Man Transparently Invisible?

the-invisible-man-claude-rains-1933_u-l-ph5ikp0It can probably be said with a degree of accuracy. That for many  Universal Monster fans, the Invisible Man is somewhat transparently invisible in the scheme of the Universal Monsters franchise.  The original movie staring Claude Rains was released in 1933. And was based in the HG Wells book the same title. The film was based upon a scientist who figures out how to make himself invisible and loses his mind in the process. The movie was said to have done as well as, if not better than Universals Frankenstein. Though, reviews of the day yell a slightly different story….

Variety called the film “something new and refreshing in film frighteners” that “will more than satisfy audiences,” but suggested that some of the laughs in the picture might not have been intentional.

Film Daily wrote, “It will satisfy all those who like the bizarre and the outlandish in their film entertainment.”

John Mosher of The New Yorker called the film a “bright little oddity” that “never was properly appreciated.

– Source; Wikipedia

Addtional proof can be found in the lack of Invisible Man collectables found through out the years in the horror collectables industries.  A good example of this can be found in the fact that Aurora models never produced a plastic model of the invisible man.

In fact It seems that a very few toy manufacturers have taken on the task of creating invisible man figures. And those that did, probably failed to sell very many. It isnt until very recently that we began to see the invisible man appearing on the toy market. One figure that comes to mind is Funkos series of invisible man figures. They ranged from a clear plastic (invisible) carded figure to the popular Funko pop vinyl figures which are sold in many stores.





Another Invisible Man figure was marketed by Side Show Collectables, which is larger than the Funko figures. Though well done,  could it  be that the Invisible Man just lacks the shock and fright value of the other Universal Monsters? Therefore there’s no marketbility for them?


The Invisible man unwrapping his face to see nothing horrid, may be to anti-climactic for horror fans.


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