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Classic Horror Makes a Big Come Back.. 2019 retro!

         MONSTERS AFTER                    MIDNIGHT 2019…!




                 WHAT A YEAR!

    10,000 VISITORS!

2019 Was a great year for Monsters After Midnight! In a time when print magazines struggle. I had a vision earlier this year to remake Monsters After Midnight bigger and better than it was.

I expanded Monsters After Midnight through collaboration with other Writers, Artists and Podcasters. It was through our supporters that we found our voice. And with the help of social media, expanded our readership by thousands!

We are now a Classic Monsters museum with many photos of classic monsters , stories, models and movies.


We had a couple of significant milestones this year. We broke the story about a researcher in Great Britain who located a previously unknown set of film cells from Lon Chaney’s famous lost film, London After Midnight. That story received over five hundred views one day. This was unprecedented for this blog, when in previous years we had only gotten a hundred hits in a year.

Monsters After Midnight broke a story which brought the world closer to finding Lon Chaneys most famous lost film, London After Midnight.


In October, we started up the first annual Classic Monsters Awards. We gave out three awards for the best Writer, Artist and Podcaster.

The Classic Monsters Award was created to honor people who dedicate their personal time and passion to the Classic Monster genre!

Best Artist; Paul Spatola

Best Podcaster; William Mize

Best Writer; Gary Castleberry



We reached a real milestone when we reached the 10,000 mark! Thanks to a faithful 5000 + returning visitors, we were able to reach this point.

Thank you to all of our staff, Artists, contributing writer’s and podcast producers.




Editor Gene Stevens

Content Editor Vicki Stevens


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Monsters After Midnight was founded in 2013 as a Fanzine. Only five issues were created. As the internet grew and many magazines went the way of history. The editor of Monsters After midnight then took to the internet and created the “Classic Monster Blog/Fanzine”. Dedicated to classic horror and sci-fi, Find us on Facebook.


10/5/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #5 – The Fly (1958).

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.


Time to go into the way back machine a little bit. Time for one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Well, let’s be honest, pretty much anything with Vincent Price is one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Man, I worship that dude. They just don’t make people like him anymore. Sigh… Anyway, back to the movie. The Fly rules. While it still holds up today almost 60 years later, what really benefits the viewing experience (as it does with any older movie) is to watch and think about how they saw this material in that time and age. They were so much purer and simpler back then. This movie must have knocked their freakin’ 1958 era socks off, because it’s a pretty disturbing little ditty. Most of you probably know the basic premise, as it’s kind of become the thing of legend. A scientist who has created a matter…

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10/22/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #22 – Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.


It’s Saturday! Family day! Yay! Time for a classic that you simply can’t help but smile at while you’re watching. It’s time for that perennial Halloween favorite, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Although, it really should be called Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein AND Dracula AND Wolfman (and possibly even another little surprise.) The joy and whimsy of this movie is undeniable. Did I just write whimsy? Yes, I did. Ugh, I should punch myself. Oh well, moving on… The basic plot is that Abbott and Costello work in a freight yard and must deliver some crates to the owner of a House of Horrors. The crates just happen to hold the remains of both Dracula and Frankenstein. And well, zany hijinks ensue. There are many reasons why this movie from 1948 is still entertaining now. First, seeing the Universal monsters is always fun. Even though Boris Karloff refused to…

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10/27/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #27 – Last House of the Left (1972).

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.

Mixing it up again. Yesterday was a PG-13 flick everyone can enjoy. Today… not so much. Wes Craven’s very first film, Last House on the Left, is for the truly hardcore horror crowd only. In fact, I feel like I need to label this one with a completely unnecessary, but obligatory, warning. Those in the horror circles obviously know this movie. Those that aren’t, well, this is not an easy movie to stomach. It’s nihilistic to the extreme. It’s full of horrific violence, manipulation and rape. It’s really difficult to watch, but there’s a reason it’s considered a classic. There’s a reason I’m putting it on this list. And there’s a reason I recommend it to specific people. It’s because Craven did something totally different and original with this film. It sticks with you. Because of the constant juxtaposition between the extreme subject matter, and the way in which the…

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10/31/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #31 – The Omen (1976).

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.

Happy Halloween! As usual, I always save a few special movies in the vault so I can use them as my Halloween selection each year. This year I bring you a true horror masterpiece, The Omen. Along with The Exorcist, The Omen helped bring so much satanic imagery to the forefront of the masses that it’s weird to think how commonplace it is now. Even though “666” and its numerical connection to the Devil had been around, this is the movie that really made it known to the entire world. The Omen threw audiences into a frenzy back in the 70’s, and it still packs just as much of a punch now as it did then. The Omen is about an American Ambassador living in England who, after a growing series of bizarre deaths, begins to suspect that his (secretly) adopted son is the Antichrist. Before long everyone gets…

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10/27/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #27 – Trilogy of Terror.

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.

Let’s go back into those crazy 70’s again, when they were all about being creative and trying new things. How about this for creativity? Here’s an anthology film where the same actress plays a different role in each of the three separate stories (in one story she even plays two roles.) Each story is named after that character, so you’ve got “Julie“, “Millicent and Therese“, and “Amelia“. This is Karen Black’s 1975 acting opus, Trilogy of Terror. Trilogy of Terror is just plain fun, and such a highlight of the time period. It was originally a Made-for-TV movie, so don’t expect a high level of gore. Although saying that, there is some seriously disturbing stuff here that was pretty aggressive for TV. A few of the story beats may seem a little dated to today’s audiences, simply because you’ve probably seen them before (the…

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Moon of the Wolf..1972 By Gene Stevens

Moon Of The Wolf

By Gene Stevens

Editor Monsters After Midnight

Chief Content Editor Vicki Stevens

A few years ago, I wrote a magazine article about a Chicago Comicon that I attended. During this time, “The Walking Dead” TV series was in full swing, and Zombies and other monsters were everywhere at the Con that year. But the all of the dead walking flesh got me thinking. I wondered just how long it would be before the slasher, walking dead and beyond gore would play out it final scenes.

I predicted back then that the horror genre would eventually return to its roots, and that the noir horror movies of the past would make a resurgence And thanks to social media and classic horror aficionados, my prediction came true. Staying true to his dream, Chicago’s Svengoolie (Rich Koz and METV) keeps the classic horror coming . A movie that recently ran on Svengoolie was “Moon of The Wolf”.

“Moon of the Wolf” is a made for TV horror flick with an all star TV movie cast including David Janssen, Bradford Dillman, and Barbara Rush.

The werewolf movie is set in the southern bayous of Louisiana. The movie is about a well to do southern plantation owner who lives on a creepy old plantation that has roots going back to the days of Antebellum.

The wolfman, played by Bradford Dillman, is allegedly inflicted with a rare form of malaria. But when a series of terrible murderous events start to take place in the small town, the sheriff, played by David Jannsen, begins to investigate while the town’s people begin to form a vigilante group to track to track down the killer beast.


As the next full moon appears. It becomes apparent that a case of rare malaria is actually a case of lycanthropy (werewolfism) The wolfman then seeks out his next victim, who happens to be his own sister, who has been marked by a sinister sign. The werewolf assails the old plantation house searching for his sister who has taken up refuge there.  The werewolf now possesses super monster strength and he busts down doors trying to get to his sister to kill her. However, the wolfman as it turns out, was smart enough to have a gun in the old plantation house which is loaded with bullets that have been blessed. She then recovers the pistol just in time to end the wolfman’s bout of lycanthropy. The final scenes are really well shot. The Director (Dan Curtis) used great imagination. Using a traditional style, shot scenes shadows, and darkness to set the stage. With flashing images of the werewolf, howling in the background and horses neighing in the background.