10/27/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #27 – Last House of the Left (1972).

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.

Mixing it up again. Yesterday was a PG-13 flick everyone can enjoy. Today… not so much. Wes Craven’s very first film, Last House on the Left, is for the truly hardcore horror crowd only. In fact, I feel like I need to label this one with a completely unnecessary, but obligatory, warning. Those in the horror circles obviously know this movie. Those that aren’t, well, this is not an easy movie to stomach. It’s nihilistic to the extreme. It’s full of horrific violence, manipulation and rape. It’s really difficult to watch, but there’s a reason it’s considered a classic. There’s a reason I’m putting it on this list. And there’s a reason I recommend it to specific people. It’s because Craven did something totally different and original with this film. It sticks with you. Because of the constant juxtaposition between the extreme subject matter, and the way in which the…

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