10/5/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #5 – The Fly (1958).

Musings of a Scary Horror Writer.


Time to go into the way back machine a little bit. Time for one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Well, let’s be honest, pretty much anything with Vincent Price is one of my favorite Vincent Price flicks. Man, I worship that dude. They just don’t make people like him anymore. Sigh… Anyway, back to the movie. The Fly rules. While it still holds up today almost 60 years later, what really benefits the viewing experience (as it does with any older movie) is to watch and think about how they saw this material in that time and age. They were so much purer and simpler back then. This movie must have knocked their freakin’ 1958 era socks off, because it’s a pretty disturbing little ditty. Most of you probably know the basic premise, as it’s kind of become the thing of legend. A scientist who has created a matter…

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