HMM Day 21 – Horror Of Dracula

On The Subject of Horror

As Dr. Van Helsing searches the country side for his friend Jonathan Harker, he soon discovers his friend met a terrible demise by the hands of a Count Dracula. Now Van Helsing must rush to the aide of Harkers relatives as Dracula’s vengeance becomes a plague upon the entire Harker family.

Horror Of Dracula

The year was 1957 when Hammer Film Productions made its first attempt to revamp the popular horror icons. First starting with Frankenstein, Hammer would produce their first in color horror film titled The Curse of Frankenstein. Placing Peter Cushing as the infamous Victor Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as the monster. The film was a major success in both England and The United States and would be the first to spawn a new trend of gothic horror films. From there on Hammer would proceed to make Dracula (or Horror of Dracula).

Horror of Dracula was…

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