2020 Rondo Awards!


The 2020 Rondo Awards are just around the corner. The Rondo’s are named after actor Rondo Hatton, who played tall, dark, quiet and scary characters. But in real life, he was a gentle giant of a man.

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The Rondo’s honor Rondo Hatton.

The Rondo’s honor people who work to keep the classic and current horror genre alive.

The Rondo’s give out awards in many categories. The following is from the Classic Horror Film Board at


You can go to the CHFB and place your nominations there, or wait for the official ballot to come out next month. We hope that you will consider voting for Monsters After Midnight. But we know that it’s a hard choice, because there are so many cool websites and blogs out there.

Thanks Gene Stevens

Editor of Monsters After Midnight

Hello everyone!

Voting for the (Gasp!) 18th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards will begin in February 2020.

Here’s where you can suggest nominees. Not everything posted here will make the ballot, but here’s where you can let us know what you think is deserving of a look. The actual ballot will be drawn from what we see here, what info is emailed to us at taraco@aol.com, and what is the best of genre work in 2019.

trishrondo.jpeg (24.31KiB)

Producer Trish Geiger with Rondo.

Reminder: Despite the explosion in horror as an industry, the Rondo’s remain, at heart, about classic horror content. We do recognize contemporary horror and Sci-Fi in our Best Films, Best TV and a few other categories.

To recap:

— What is eligible for a Rondo?
Any work released in 2019. In some cases, work released very late in 2018 can be considered. Remember that except for Best Film and Best TV,  ‘classic horror’ is the guiding principle.

— What are the categories?
The categories sometimes change depending on the year, but they include Best Film, Best TV, Best DVD/BluRay, Best Restoration, Best Commentaries, Best Special Features, Best Independent Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Book (non-fiction, although fiction that centers on classic monsters can be considered), Best Magazine, Best Article, Best Interview, Best Column, Best Magazine Cover, Best Website, Best Multi-Media site (podcasts etc),  Best Event, Best Convention, Favorite Horror Host, Best Horror Comic, Best CD, Best Toy/Collectible.

There are also write-in categories: Best Fan Artist, Best Artist, Best Writer, maybe others depending on input.
Several other write-in categories — Monster Kid of the Year and Monster Kid Hall of Fame — are awarded based on votes and judgment of Rondo organizers.

— How do I suggest that something be nominated for a Rondo?
Two ways: You can 1) post about it here, OR 2) send an email about it to me, David Colton, at taraco@aol.com. The final ballot will be drawn from the best and most popular suggestions.

— When will actual voting begin?
After reviewing all suggestions and other input, we are aiming for releasing the final ballot and starting email voting the night of February 2 (after the Super Bowl), until Sunday night March 29.

That’s it. Again, post here your suggestions for worthy nominees. And thanks as always!


Creepy Classics News


Creepy Classics & Monster Bash News!


Kids & Monsters

There was something extra special about a monster movie that featured a kid as one of the main characters in a monster movie. When we saw this, as a kid, it was an instant acknowledgement and affirmation. WE could be that kid in the movie. We understand his, or her, plight. Whether it was facing ghosts, a giant cyclops, Martians invading….usually, the parents and adults won’t believe. You understood the kid’s frustration…and fear!

Some of these movies that really struck a chord with me when I saw them as a kid.

There was little Charles Herbert in a house full of ghosts in THIRTEEN GHOSTS (1960). He wavers between fun with the ghosts and all out scares. The colorful 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1958) had a genie (Richard Eyer) who helped our hero and heroine…that was a magical kid to be envious of! Though not monsters, Charles Herbert and Susan Gordon were up against pirates in a time travel dream for Bert I. Gordon’s film THE BOY AND THE PIRATES (1960).

How about dinosaurs…it was a natural to bring kids into the fold with those cool prehistoric behemoths in DINOSAURUS! (1960), THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN (1958), JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME (1955) and THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1967). That was exciting…seeing young kids mixed up with dinosaurs!

Then in some memorable science fiction projects. Richard Eyer was back as a boy genius (weren’t we all!?) with a robot buddy in THE INVISIBLE BOY (1957). One of the best “no one believes me” nightmares that involves little boy Jimmy Hunt in INVADERS FROM MARS (1953). The police, and even his parents, are controlled by evil Martians! The delirious dream of a young boy brought us ROBOT MONSTER (1953) too!

On the TV, we were in tandem with kids too. Susan Gordon had an alien from outer space rescue her from a horrible home life in THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode “The Fugitive” in 1962. There was the quirky Wednesday and Pugsley who could help their dad blow-up train sets indoors for THE ADDAMS FAMILY! And, of course, who didn’t want to be like Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) with his own pet dragon that lived under the staircase in THE MUNSTERS.

We connected with the kids on the screen, when we were kids. And, we never forgot.

-Ron Adams, January 2020.

On with the show, now let’s check out the new cool stuff and classic monster news…


Now That’s a Billboard!

This above photo sent in by a reader.

A health care billboard for sleep issues that sports a photo of Boris Karloff with Glenn Strange in the HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944)!


New! Dennis Druktenis is Back With the New MONSTERS AND HEROES

Wow! we are so excited.The heartfelt words and fan friendly presentation of our dear friend, Dennis Druktenis, is back. From the desert in Arizona…comes a new monster magazine, bigger than ever before from Dennis….186 pages!

Get your copy of this monumental publication now…it’s here and in shock stock at Creepy Classics:

MONSTERS AND HEROES #101 (First Issue) – Magazine Book
SCARY MONSTERS founding editor/publisher Dennis Druktenis is back with a stunning new magazine book! Image FAMOUS MONSTERS and SCREEN THRILLS magazine coming together! Articles on monsters and heroes of classic movies, TV and serials. Loads of photos and great articles…186 pages!!!

Plow through this giant-size book for Flash Gordon and his monsters, Tom Corbett – Space Cadet, mystery books for young adults from the past, Prehistoric Animals, SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE MEN, Silver Age Comics, Funny Monster Vintage Trading Cards, TV’s Science Fiction Theatre, ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE, The Lone Ranger, Kent Daluga’s back too with masks and monster models, Batman, The City of Lost Souls, The Crimson Cobra Strikes with Johnny Scareshock and Zacherley is in there too!


Get yours now, right now…they’re here and ready to ship from our on-line Creepy Magazine Newsstand, here at Creepy Classics. Order on-line or call with credit card to (724) 238-4317

You can also, go the good ol’ fashioned way and send a check or money order to: Creepy Classics, P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658.

This big book is 16.95, plus 7.50 S&H in the USA (for any size order at Creepy Classics…even if you order 20 items, the S&H stays at 7.50).


New! THE CREEPS Magazine #23

Yikes! Look at that cool cyclops cover…my eye is popping out over it! It’s here and in stock right now…ready to slither to your door:

THE CREEPS #23 – Magazine
It’s just like 1975 again and your black and white horror comic magazine is here! Just like the old CREEPY magazine….this issue features a cover by the great Ken Kelly. Stories on cyclops monsters, The Last Vampire on Earth, The House with the Brick Kiln, Bug-Eyed Monsters and more!

Get it in The Creeps Department in our on-line Creepy Magazine Newsstand at Creepy Classics! That’s a lot of creeps.


Now Available – VIP Admission Memberships and Vendor Tables for MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2020

MONSTER BASH’s OCTOBERFEST goes giant-size and prehistoric this next October 16-18, 2020! It’s guest stars Victoria Vetri (WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH), Elizabeth Shepherd (TOMB OF LIGEIA, THE AVENGERS), Jackie Joseph (THE LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW), TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL…and Pamula Pierce! Actress from THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK and BOGGY CREEK II! Her dad was the director!

Plus….out of this world guest, Ann Robinson! Legendary actress Ann Robinson lands in Mars, PA for MONSTER BASH! Starting off as a stunt girl, she is the star the original Martian invasion in THE WAR OF THE WORLDS! Her career goes beyond WAR OF THE WORLDS as she has appeared in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO IN THE FOREIGN LEGION, as well as many TV roles. On television she was a regular on ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER. You can see her in episodes of DRAGNET, FURY, CHEYENNE, PERRY MASON, RAWHIDE, PETER GUNN, ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, DEATH VALLEY DAYS and that’s just to name a few!

Details on the show, CLICK HERE. Or call (724) 238-4317.

VIP Admissions are reduced for a limited time and dealer tables are $50 off for a limited time.

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Hurry, these prices will not be in effect for long.

Mummy sShroudBR
Mummy SShroud-Clutch

New! Hammer Studio’s THE MUMMY’S SHROUD on Blu-Ray

It’s here, in stock, at Creepy Classics….Hammer’s THE MUMMY’S SHROUD on crystal clear Blu-Ray:

THE MUMMY’S SHROUD (1967) – Blu-Ray
Stars the great Andre Morell. Good, old-fashioned mummy on the rampage romp from Hammer studios. The last Hammer film to be shot at the famed Bray studios in England. Extras include a “Making Of” feature, World of Hammer TV episode on Mummy films, trailer, stills, commentary and more!

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Re-Shocked! Price Drop on the Great Big Hardback Book MONSTER MASH!

If you grew up in the Monster Boom Generation, like me, you’ll want this illustrated, full color big hardback that chronicles the monsters, the merchandising, the promotions, the TV, the horror hosts…the whole ball of monster mash wax! From toys to masks to magazines..it covers it all…wonderfully with spirit. Order yours today, a be proud of this monstrous heritage:

MONSTER MASH – Large Hardback Book
Time-trip back to the frightening era of 1957-1972, when monsters stomped into the American mainstream! Once Frankenstein and fiends infiltrated TV in 1957, an avalanche of monster magazines, toys, games, trading cards, and comic books crashed upon an unsuspecting public. This profusely illustrated, full-color hardcover covers that creepy, kooky Monster Craze through features on Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, the #1 hit “Monster Mash,” Aurora’s model kits, TV shows (Shock Theatre, The Addams Family, The Munsters, and Dark Shadows), Mars Attacks trading cards, Eerie Publications, Planet of the Apes, and more! FOREWORD by TV Horror Host icon Zacherley!

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New! Retro Fan Magazine is Here

Time to head into the Creepy Classics lab and pull that lever on the throwback scrutinizer machine….we’ll be transported to the days of growing up in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s….with RETRO FAN magazine. Get your copies now….articles and beautiful color photos of all the stuff we grew up with…toys, masks, TV shows, movies:

RETRO FAN #2 – Magazine
All glossy retro magazine for all of us who grew up in the 1960s-1980s! Inside this issue: TV Horror Hosts and Elvira, Superhero Viewmasters, Dinosaur Land, Collector Lunch Boxes, The Groovie Goolies, Ben Cooper Halloween Masks…great articles and beautiful color stills!

RETRO FAN #6 – Magazine
The all gloss, all color retro magazine for all of us who grew up in the 1960s-1980s! Inside this great issue: Svengoolie, Butch Patrick and Horrorific Hot Rods, The original Ghost Busters: Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch, Pinball Machines, Dobie Gillis, Naugas Monsters and more!

Snag your copies now in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand here at Creepy Classics! You’ll love it!


Get Your Plans in Order for THIS Year’s MONSTER BASH Shows!

1) First off, it’s the June MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE (June 19-21, 2020) at the Double Tree Hotel, Mars, PA. Hotel phone: (724) 776-6900. Ask for the Monster Bash block, or they’ll say it’s sold out. A few rooms are left at the time of this writing. Web site: https://www.monsterbashnews.com/bash-June.html

New June 2020 video produced by Kevin Slick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ajkud4do68

You can get your hotel room for June on-line too, CLICK HERE.

2) Then it’s the MONSTER BASH BELA LUGOSI FILM FESTIVAL (August 14-15, 2020) at The Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio. Closest hotel where most Basher stay, The McKinley Grand Hotel. Hotel phone: (330) 454-5000 for reservations. Web site for all the details: https://www.monsterbashnews.com/bash-August.html

3) And to wrap up 2020, it’s MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST (October 16-18, 2020) at the Marriott Pittsburgh North (Mars, PA, Cranberry Township). Web site for October’s show: https://www.monsterbashnews.com/bash-October.html

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Get all your reservations lined up, so you are ready to BASH in 2020!


New! ….and In Stock Now…TWO ON A GUILLOTINE on Blu

Yes, it’s here now, sharp and ready to ship to you. It’s the screamer TWO ON A GUILLOTINE on crystal clear Blu-Ray:

TWO ON A GUILLOTINE (1965) – Blu-Ray
Stars Connie Stevens, Dean Jones and Cesar Romero. A young woman must spend the night in her estranged father’s house after his death to receive the inheritance. Now the house is rumored to be haunted and is rigged with magician’s tricks.

Gt it in our New Blu-Ray Department for fast shipping right to your dungeon door from Creepy Classics!


Rest in Peace, Natalie Trundy

This in from friend Tony Russo:

“A moment of silence for the passing of Actress Natalie Trundy who starred in several Planet of the Apes Films.”

BTW – Natalie also appeared in three favorite TV shows: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Twilight Zone and Boris Karloff’s Thriller. -Ron

Additional info from MONSTER BASH Magazine’s Leonard Hayhurst:

Actress Natalie Trundy died Dec. 5, 2019, of natural causes in Los Angeles, California, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She was 79. Trundy was born Aug. 5, 1940, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Trundy appeared in four of the five original Planet of the Apes movies as she was married to series producer Arthur P. Jacobs. She played a mutant in BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES, Dr. Stevie Branton in ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES and Lisa the chimpanzee who was the wife of Caesar, played by Roddy McDowall, in CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Trundy also appeared in the movies THE MONTECARLO STORY, THE CARELESS YEARS, WALK LIKE A DRAGON, MR. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION and a 1974 musical adaptation of HUCKLEBERRY FINN. Television guest appearances were on THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THRILLER, BONANZA, WAGON TRAIN, THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, 77 SUNSET STRIP and PERRY MASON among many others.

Trundy took over Jacobs’ film company, APJAC Productions, after his sudden death in 1973. The following year she married Gucci executive Carmine Roberto Foggia and had two children with him. In later years, Trundy volunteered at Mother Theresa’s hospice in Kolkata, India, often bringing medicine and other supplies with her.

….and now, photos of fun from past MONSTER BASH shows! Stay up-to-date with MONSTER BASH Shows:


Monster Bash….good times, good monsters and great times!

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McFarland Hits Another Home Run with Universal Terrors

Classic Horrors Club



After laying eyes on the new book, Universal Terrors 1951-1955: Eight Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Films, all I can say is, “Wow.”  Well, I can say more than that; there wouldn’t be anything to read here if I really couldn’t.  Publisher McFarland has hit another home run with this 440-page resource that, with a $49.95 cover price, or at any price, is a true bargain.

If you are a fan of The Strange Door (1951), The Black Castle (1952), It Came from Outer Space (1953), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), This Island Earth (1955), Revenge of the Creature (1955), Cult of the Cobra (1955) and/or Tarantula (1955), and who of you reading this aren’t, you must have this book.

In chapters devoted to each movie, ranging from 44 to 84 pages, there…

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Friday Fright: The Wolf Man (1941)

This is a great article!

Classic Horrors Club

Written by Curt Siodmak
Directed by George Waggner
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Patric Knowles, Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya, Evelyn Ankers
Released Dec. 12, 1941
RT 70 min.
Home Video Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Classic Horrors rating =  7 (out of 10)


Until I recently re-watched The Wolf Man (1941), I would have told you it was the best of the Universal Monsters classics. Now I’m not so sure.  I think I was confusing my memory of a great character with that of a great movie.  Lon Chaney, Jr.’s performance as Larry Talbot gives us the most personal and sympathetic creature in Universal’s history and single-handedly raises the movie itself to something more impactful than it ever should have been.

Chaney is the primary reason this wolf man become a legend when six years earlier, a werewolf of London did not. But there are others.  Remember that earlier…

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Arrow Video Blu-ray Review: Horror Express (1972)

Classic Horrors Club

Written by Arnaud d’Usseau, Julian Zimet
Directed by Eugenio Martin
Starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, Telly Savalas
US Release Feb. 1, 1967
RT 91 min.
Home Video Arrow Video
Classic Horrors rating = 9 (out of 10)


News of Arrow’s Blu-ray release of Horror Express caught me off guard because I already owned a perfectly good copy of the film from Severin. Surely Arrow was offering a bunch of great new bonus materials. It turns out that isn’t exactly the case. In fact, there are only two characteristics that separate this release from the previous: a new 2K restoration and a commentary track from writer and editor, Stephen Jones, and novelist and critic, Kim Newman.

As for the 2K restoration, there seems to be a notable difference in the colors in the film print. I examined three specific scenes side-by-side to determine these differences and concluded that…

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Movie of the Week: The Werewolf (1956)

Classic Horrors Club

Written by Robert E. Kent, James B. Gordon
Directed by Fred F. Sears
Starring Don Megowan, Joyce Holden, Eleanore Tanin, Kim Charney, Harry Lauter, S. John Launer, George Lynn, Steven Ritch
Released June 13, 1956
RT 79 min.
Home Video Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Classic Horrors rating = 6 (out of 10)


In The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies (Woodbury Press, 1984), Phil Hardy bestows great historical significance upon The Werewolf (1956), a seemingly insignificant movie. “…in the development of the Science Fiction and horror genres. It marks precisely the point at which horror, which had been a dormant genre in the early fifties, began to take over from Science Fiction.”

He continues, “This trend was confirmed within a year when, in the wake of the sale of the Universal Frankenstein films to American TV and the success of British Hammer’s romantic/gothic versions of Dracula (1957) and Frankenstein… producers started…

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