Movie of the Week: The Beach Girls & the Monster (1965)

Classic Horrors Club

Written by Joan Gardner
Directed by Jon Hall
Starring Jon Hall, Sue Casey, Walker Edmiston, Elain DuPont, Arnold Lessing
Released September, 1965
RT 70 min.
Home Video Prime Video (streaming)
Classic Horrors rating = 4 (out of 10)


Ever since I saw Jon Hall in The Invisible Agent (1942), I’ve wanted to watch The Beach Girls & the Monster (1965), in which he not only stars as Dr. Otto Lindsay, but directs, as well. He was handsome and charismatic in the former, but I hardly recognized him 23 years later in the latter. Perhaps older and heavier, he decided to trade his appearance in front of the camera for his talent behind the camera. If so, I’m afraid it was a misguided effort.

The Beach Girls & the Monster (aka Monster from the Surf) is a lackluster production directed with little to no style or suspense. The acting, if…

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