Horror Is Universal: “Werewolf of London” (1935)

Himrich Hall

Let’s start by establishing one thing right off the bat: no, this is not The Wolf Man. That comes later. And it’s definitely not that other werewolf movie with “London” in the title. That comes way later and would also probably be five minutes long by Hays Code standards. If it somehow didn’t make the entire Hays office spontaneously combust.

But I think it will be important to keep those other movies in mind as we discuss today’s movie, and we ought to keep today’s movie in mind when we discuss those movies later on. Because Werewolf of London is the granddaddy of them both, the milk and eggs that will someday make the delicious cakes. Released less than a month after Bride of Frankenstein, it was the first major werewolf film made in Hollywood. That alone should make it an important milestone in the history of horror…

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