Invasion of The Body Snatchers.. 1956


Imagine this… One morning You wake up. As you walk down street, and get to your job and start your day.  You begin to notice this nagging, unexplainable  change in your loved ones, friends and co-workers. You see things going on around you that just don’t make sense. You’re just not sure if it’s your overactive imagination, or if something is afoot?

Then one day you walk into your own basement to find a tool or do your laundry. There in the subdued light, you find this weird gigantic seed pod. You’re totally perplexed by this strange thing.  As you’re standing there staring at it, the pod begins to shake and boil. It starts to open up and foam like a pot of pasta boiling over on a hot stove… suddenly… it pops opens to reveal a humanoid figure inside of it. A figure which looks like an incomplete being with vague, yet familiar features. It looks familiar because it has your own face on it! No… It’s not a day at the spa…





As time passes, you find out that these strange seed pods have been turning up all over. Even your best friends have found them in their house, and they are experiencing the same types of feelings about things around them.

Soon thereafter, trucks begin to roll into town packed full of the giant pods to be distributed to your friends.. Or at least people who you thought were your friends.. Because now your not sure of anything.  Then suddenly one of your close friends turns on you and tells you that this whole thing is part of a bigger plan. A program.. That includes you too. He explains that the pods are absorbing everything that we are. And reproducing into a new being that becomes us, and we are absorbed by the pods. And this whole process happens to you while you are sleeping. And that’s the only time the whole process can complete itself.

Immediately, and understandably,  you freak out. You try to run and escape from your home town. But now you realize that the whole town has been over run by these pods, and the new beings that they have created.

The one thing you know for sure is, that if you fall asleep, you will be absorbed by the pods. So you run as fast as you can. Then suddenly, you are spotted by a group of people who have lost their souls to this unholy alliance of alien and human. They pursue you through the hills around your town for hours. Not one or two, but hundreds of them are trying desperately to find you, to silence you, to stop you from leaking your secret of the pods to the rest of world.

You are so exhausted, you can’t think straight. But you have now made it to the main highway of the larger city that you live near. Its rush hour and the highway is packed full of cars. You try to stop them and warn them. But your mental state from the ordeal has left in barely coherent and your screaming and crying for help. Surely the people in the cars just assume that your just another crazy person, like so many others that they have seen before.

Eventually, the police arrive and take you into custody. You try to tell them too. You do your best to tell them what happened to you. And was happening to the world you knew just down the road. But they think you need to see a psychiatrist. So they transport you to a local hospital for an evaluation. You speak to several doctors there, they are skeptical, but educated enough to see that your not completely crazy and try to sort through what’s happening. Suddenly an ambulance arrives with the victims of a car wreck. One of the doctors asks about how the victims were injured, and the paramedic tells them that they were injured in an accident with a truck. A semi truck, that was carrying a strange cargo of large seed pods that no one had ever seen before.. It’s now clear to them, that you told them the truth and they place a call to the state police for further assistance in the matter.

Let’s face it the 1956 version of the Body Snatchers was way ahead of its time. Perhaps it was Hollywood playing on our post World War ll cold war fears, or maybe it was just pure sci fi mixed in with a pinch if serious spice that turned it into a great thriller.

Invasion of the Body Snatched cast



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