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8mm Home Made Monster Movies

When I was in 6th grade I met a kid that also like monster movies. His name was Bruce Guerney. We’d visit each other’s houses listening to vinyl records of things like Orson Welles’ WAR OF THE WORDS broadcast, old SUSPENSE radio shows, CHLLING THRILLING SOUNDS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE and FAMOUIS MONSTERS SPEAKS. One time I was over at his house and we talked about how cool it would be to make our own monster movies. Like lightning struck him, he said he would ask his dad if he could borrow his dad’s 8mm movie camera. It was used for chronicling family outings…but, soon, it would be the vehicle for making monster movies.

Bruce got the okay and bought some film. That was the beginning of a series of horror and science films that lasted about five to ten minutes each. There was space footage. Bruce came up with using black poster board with holes poked in it and a bright light behind to creature a star field. He did some test dinosaur claymation. Then we began in earnest.

Our biggest epic was something called CURSE OF THE FURFACE! I can’t remember if Bruce actually got permission, but he cut a chunk out of a fur coat of his mother’s! He applied the fur to me face using stop-motion. I became a rack-shamble werewolf (“The Furface”) and did things like jumping out of a tree house to attack Bruce’s little brother. Yes, ketchup was involved. We never realized how bad ketchup could start smelling in the hot sun. There was another film that involved packing oatmeal on my face with stop-motion. Ever try to get dried oatmeal off your face. Ouch!

I was lucky enough to have another friend, Dave Lewis, that also had access to an 8mm camera. We made more home made films. They included THE PHANTOM OF THE ATTIC….me wearing a fake cape and always with a red filter light. A NOSFERATU kinda crazy thing where I was discovered in an old home’s attic and came down to terrorize. We had seen NOSFERATU where Murnau utilized stop-motion in a few scenes for a jittery effect. We did the same with “The Phantom” popping across a room.

There was also a renegade little move we made called BADGER. We were in 10th grade at this point. BADGER was a Clint Eastwood/Charles Bronson type vigilante film. Dave came up with some pretty amazing way to do “bullet hits” with fake blood. I was Badger wearing my fake leather jacket and an overly-serious attitude! Downtown State College, PA was the background, subbing for New York City. Many scenes set in a parking garage where we couldn’t be seen too much. A filming permit? What was that? We just got chased out of places, like a local doughnut shop.

I know I was not alone in trying to make movies when I was a kid, like the ones we loved to watch. I sure wish I could track down Bruce or Dave to see if those films still exist. I’ve tried. I haven’t seen them since the 1970s.

See Monster Kid movies on this Monster Bash link:

If you have vintage home made monster movies you can post on You Tube send me the link if you’d like yours included on our web page.

Ron Adams
Ligonier, PA
June 2020

On with the show, now let’s check out the new cool stuff and classic monster news…


New! More Used VHS Tapes in Shock Stock

We just loaded in more Used VHS tapes in great condition…many like new! So, if you’re a VHS collector, now’s the time to jump and get the ones you need before they’re gone.

Here’s just two of the hundreds in stock now:

You’ll never look the same at a praying mantis again! This thing destroys buildings and eats people. Call the Orkin man FAST!

THE RAVEN (1963/Goodtimes) – Used VHS
Tongue-in-cheek fantasy-horror romp with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre! Peter Lorre is literally turned into a raven as wizards Price and Karloff battle. A drive-in fright flick from director Roger Corman!

See these and cores more in our Used VHS Department at Creepy Classics!


Bernard Herrmann Score, Re-Imagined by Nick Posengal

Our MONSTER BASH friend Nick Posengal is a music composer in his own right, but tried his hand at a re-working of the great Bernard Herrmann score for THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951).

This is “Gort Re-Constructed!” Just click on the image/link above to enjoy this DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL slideshow with Nick’s work. Amazing. Ominous!

CLICK HERE to hear it!


New! Vintage Paperback Books Are Here

Stop into our on-line Creepy Bookstore today to discover all the vintage paperbacks that have been added. Here are a few of the ones available right now:

MASTER OF THE WORLD (Movie Tie-In 1964) – Paperback Book
The Ace paperback released to promote the current film MASTER OF THE WORLD with Vincent Price in 1964. Features the original Jules Verne novel. Movie tie-in paperback in un-read condition. Just age tanning!

HORROR IN THE CINEMA (Ivan Butler) – Used Paperback
A complete critical review of horror films from DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE to ROSEMARY’S BABY and beyond. This edition from 1971. Appears un-read with just slight small crease on cover. Illustrated with lots of photos. Silent films, The Universals, Val Lewton, British horror, AIP Poe and more!

A complete critical guide to the suspense film by Gordon Gow. 1971 edition, In u-read condition! Just age tanning. 222 pages and lots of photos too.

An Avon paperback book collection from 1965. Great horror stories from the 1930s-1950s. Authors include H.P. Lovecraft, Roald Dahl, Robert Bloch, August Derleth, Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Silverberg, C.M. Kornbluth and others! Great collectible.

ADDAMS FAMILY: HOMEBODIES (Charles Addams) – Used Paperback
First printing of the paperback version of this collection from 1965. Before The Far Side or Bizarro there was Charles Addams’ dark humor one panel dark-horror comics. Many feature the “The Addams Family” long before the TV show. Really, really cool and fun. 128 pages.

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (Anthony Quinn Cover) – Used Paperback
The famous Victor Hugo novel 1965 edition featuring the Anthony Quinn image as Quasimodo on the cover. Quinn played in the 1957 version of the film. This edition was a student copy with some stray pen marks. Used paperback, 304 pages.

Get these and many, many more in our on-line Creepy Bookstore at Creepy Classics.


Summer Monster Bash Conference Canceled

The summer show has, unfortunately, been canceled. With the regulation in place for Pennsylvania regarding the virus. Please read the above for more details.

Additional note: Kate at the Double Tree hotel has informed me that they can’t get the Bash June 18-20, 2021 hotel rooms in their system till after this year’s Bash would have happened. So please call them after June 20 to get your room set-up for next June.


Step Out of the Graveyard and Take a Look, It’s the Latest Issue! MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #39

Don’t get left behind, get your copy of the latest MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE right now! Available now from Creepy Classics…home of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

This is it….what a cool ghoul issue:

Wow! This issue is packed with great articles: Bela Lugosi’s Ygor, Lon Chaney’s Inner Sanctum series, Jack Pierce and THE WOLF MAN, Tom Weaver’s TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM interview, Monster Music stax of weird wax, Fan Flashbacks and more. Writers include Tom Weaver, John DeGarmo, Leonard Hayhurst, Thom Shubilla, Ron Adams…cover art by FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND classic artist Basil Gogos!

Order before midnight, so you don’t forget!, CLICK HERE, or call (724) 238-4317.

It’s in our “Monster Bash Magazine Department” now at Creepy Classics!


Coming Soon! MONSTER-ART MAGAZINE #3 with Alternate Covers

Coming soon…and available at October’s MONSTER BASH….it’s the new magazine MONSTER-ART #3. Kinda like the classic FAMOUS MONSTERS but with stunning art in place of photos…all your favorite horror and science fiction films celebrated! Here’s a word from publisher/editor John Sargent:

MonsterArt issue 3 is heading to the printer! Look for your favorite full color illustrated monster magazine at this October’s Monster Bash. This issue will primarily feature artwork from two Forry award winning artists, David Heywood and John Sargent, and have alternative covers featuring both artists. Full of fun and surprises in this issue!

It will be available here at Creepy Classics too! And, check out the first two issues still available HERE!


Thank You Derek Koch of MONSTER KID RADIO

Thanks to Derek of MONSTER KID RADIO for putting this video together for Creepy Classics, See it, CLICK HERE!

It helps support the efforts of MONSTER BASH the conference and the magazine!


New! “Duel with Death” Model Kit

After decades from when it originally was issued…it’s back! The “Duel with Death” model kit is here. It’s companion model kit is “Escape the Tentacles of Fate!” We have hem both here at Creepy Classics. Get yours today and start building, and painting they way you like it! Keep scrolling, matey…

A pirate fights a living skeleton! A classic model kit is back! Molded-in Glow-In-The-Dark plastic. Two 6” tall pirate-themed figures on a detailed diorama base. 1st reissue in 40 years. The model comes to life with rubber band action. 1/12 scale, skill 2, paint, and cement not included.


A really cool model kit! Dead pirate skeletons and threatening octopus on ramshackle raft. Molded-in Glow-In-The-Dark plastic. Two 6” tall pirate-themed skeleton figures on a detailed diorama base. Model comes to life with rubber band action. 1/12 scale. Paint and glue not included.

Get one, or get both today in our Models, Toys & Action Figures Department here at home for darn cool stuff, Creepy Classics!


Convention Show Schedule Revisions

Make sure to keep checking out Convention Page to stay updated on the shows that Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be at.

With this year’s turmoil, dates have changed and shows cancelled, then re-scheduled. Quite a few changes.

CLICK HERE to go to our Convention Listing Page and bookmark it. Check it frequently for changes.


New! Vintage Issues of FILMFAX Magazine

Now in stock, these classic issues of FILMFAX magazine with in-depth articles and interviews:

FILMFAX #18 – Magazine
In this issue: Bela Lugosi’s Last Screen Rights, THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE with director Joseph Green, On Location with THE MONSTER FROM PIEDRAS BLANCAS…dozens of behind-the-scenes photos…and more!

FILMFAX #21 – Magazine
In this issue: A Look Back at the “Space Race,” TV’s MEN INTO SPACE, Harry Thomas – B-Movie Monster Maker, Virginia Christine from THE MUMMY’s CURSE, A Tribute to Wendayne Ackerman and more!

FILMFAX #42 – Magazine
In this issue: The Art of Fright – A Farewell Interview with Vincent Price. Also, The Amicus movies and an interview with writer Richard Matheson. Might be a small price sticker on cover.

FILMFAX #57 – Magazine
In this issue: Weird B-Movies, 50 Fantastic Film Reviews, Vampira!

Get the above issues and many, many more in our FILMFAX Magazine Department today at Creepy Classics!

….and now, photos of fun from past MONSTER BASH shows! Stay up-to-date with MONSTER BASH Shows:

Bashin Family

Monster Bash….good times, good monsters and great times!

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