Calling all stations! Clear the air-lanes!Clear all air-lanes for the big broadcast.. Svengoolie is at the Volo Auto Museum!

Svengoolie (Rich Koz) Paid Monsters After Midnight a huge tribute by autographing a card addressed to both myself and Monsters After Midnight!
On the 28th of October, Myself and a faithful follower Auntie -V, attended a special visit from Me-Tv’s one and only Chicago Horror host, Svengoolie. (Mr. Rich Koz). The weather was clear, though very chilly for this later part of October. A couple of hundred weather tough Chicago area residents braved the cold in a long line just to spend a few brief moments with Sven.
Many brave fans waited for up to three hours in line to see Svengoolie at the Volo Auto Museum.
Svengoolie has been the top Chicago Horror host since about 1979 and he was preceded by Chicago celebrity Jerry G Bishop who hosted the “Screaming Yellow Theater” prior to 1973. According to online “official” sources;
The show airs both low-budget and classic horror and science-fiction movies, with host “Svengoolie” – a telescoping of the words Svengali and ghoul – played by Rich Koz (pronounced “Koze”), who wears thick skull-like makeup around his eyes, a moustache and goatee, a fright wig, all black, and a black top hat, along with a tuxedo jacket over a bright red, open-collared, button-down shirt.
Just before and after commercial breaks, Svengoolie presents sketches, tells corny jokes, and performs song parody spoofs of the film being aired. Some shows were presented in what was later dubbed “Sven-surround” – a pun on “Sensurround”, a brand name theater audio system – in which Svengoolie would joke as the film aired, similar to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but with sound effects as well. This stunt was discontinued for a short time, then brought back due to viewer request, although as a clip segment aired outside the film.One relatively recent addition to the show is the simultaneous use of twitter with the hashtag #svengoolie, allowing those watching to comment on the show.
But as a huge fan of Sven. I must confess, it’s much bigger than any wikipedia page can describe. The Svengoolie show as entertained classic horror fans, their children and their grand children for generations. His on air work is a breath of fresh air that is all-inclusive for all ages in a time when many television programs have taken on an air of “adults only” in their presentation of adult subjects and adult content. In a time when TV and movies have become agenda driven platforms. Svengoolie alongside METV have managed to maintain an open nostalgic format where family can turn to when they grow weary of Modern TV and its heavy handed attributes.
Rich Koz was very gracious to all of those who waited to see him. He took plenty of time with each of his fans, signed autographed pictures and items that fans had brought to him to be signed. One thing is for sure, there were plenty of rubber chickens in the building!

Gene Stevens

(Son-Of Forry-A)