Horror Is Universal SPECIAL! “The Bride of Frankenstein: Pandora’s Bride” (2007)

Himrich Hall

I feel it’s time to shake things up a little with this series. Up to this point, we’ve only been looking at the movies which fall under the Universal Horror banner, and while the movies are certainly the backbone of this whole enterprise, they are not the only medium in which these stories and characters have existed. The monsters of Universal Horror can be found in books, TV shows, games, toys and much more. So for the month of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to dip our toes into this expanded universe.

You may recall how way back in my Bride of Frankenstein review, I bemoaned the fact that the Bride is the only major Universal monster who never appeared in another film. You may also recall my mentioning how I’d searched around to see what other official material had been released and found a licensed book intended…

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