The Monster Club; Omaha Nebraska By Gene Stevens Monsters After Midnight.

If you love classic horror and monster movies while your having dinner or lunch… You’ll love the “Monster Club”. The club is a restaurant and local bar located in the Old Market area of Omaha Nebraska. They feature monster themed food and drinks.
There I was sitting at home watching T.V.  when my wife, who is a native Iowan, mentioned a place in Omaha Nebraska called the Monster Club. Being an avid user of facebook she happened to run into a post from a friend. I was immediately excited to hear about the place and photos posted online had images  of Dracula, Freddie Krueger, the Wolfman and other horror figures.  0719191653
Upon entering the building I was immediately thrilled to see Lon Chaney in the front lobby (well at least a very realistic likeness of the Wolfman) As you can see by my photo. I was thrilled to death to meet one of my personal heroes. As I walked deeper into the dark chambers of the Monster Club. I found that the restaurant was filled with tons of monster items. From full size figures of Dracula, the Wolfman, The Creature of the Black Lagoon and may more monsters, crashing through the windows of the restaurant. The tables are set up like old time carriages (or hearse).  In the background we could hear the various themes from movies being played from movies like Halloween, Poltergeist and the Exorcist.



The menu contained a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and salads. I personally had the chicken sandwich which was awesome.  The other family members at the table had burgers. I was so tempted to yell out that the “burgers were people”.. But I refrained. I didn’t want to scare anyone else in the restaurant.  But over all the service was great and the food was very good.
Unique Experience
The Monster Club a pub and grub, is a unique experience for everyone. But for a monster kid, its especially cool.  I highly recommend the Monster Club!

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